MobileLyre Small Bore Trombone Lyre (Lyre Only)

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Remember to select a case, too, if you need! They are designed to work together!

This MobileLyre trombone lyre is designed to fit on the lead pipe between the first brace and the mouthpiece. An adjustable screw helps secure the lyre to the instrument. 

In our extensive testing we've found that most student school trombone brands without triggers will fit this model. Take a look at the lead pipe to where your mouthpiece goes. If it's a thinner metal the small bore MobileLyre trombone lyre should work. Most models of these brands should fit: Bach, King, and Conn.

However, student level Yamaha models have thicker bores and would need a MobileLyre large bore lyre.

For some professional and college trombones with a thicker lead pipe to the mouthpiece or have a trigger it is recommended that MobileLyre large bore lyre should work.

Not sure? Just ask or even send a pic! Email to: