About Us

MobileLyre is an innovative solution to using your mobile device attached to a marching band instrument. It's great for storing and playing marching band music and using related software. 

MobileLyre comes in two parts:

A Case:

  • iPhone 6/6S/7 Mobile Case
  • iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus Mobile Case
  • iPhone 10/Xr
  • iPhone 11/11Pro
  • iPhone 12/12Pro
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 14/14Pro

An Instrument Specific Lyre:

  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • Saxophone
  • Mellophone
  • Trombone

One piece is a mobile case that is designed exactly to fit your device in a sleek and modern way. The backing attaches to any MobileLyre made instrument lyre you wish to use and can be switched at any time to another instrument using the respective MobileLyre instrument lyre. All buttons and ports are freely accessible while the phone is in the case allowing you to use it even when you're not performing, but it's ready for performing when you are. There are no screws and panels to adjust. No worries about extending a device on to outdated springs and thin metals. Our MobileLyre fits the device securely onto your instrument no matter the movement or position in which you perform on your instrument. And it fits well. 

The second piece looks similar to what traditional lyres were designed but ours are enhanced and strengthened with advanced polymers. Each lyre is specifically engineered to the instrument for which it attaches. High strength plastic resins are used to give the lyre portion of our product durable support. With this process we engineered extra strength on each instrument lyre the way old metal lyres simply couldn't be designed for using with a mobile device. Laser measurements were taken on certain pieces to ensure the best fit possible. The polymer lyre connects to your mobile device case in a tight fit and does not rely on outdated springs to stay connected like plastic/paper folios.

Each lyre is specifically designed to attach to the instrument where it accepts the traditional lyre peg. For example, if you have a saxophone first connect the MobileLyre case to our saxophone lyre. Then affix the lyre on open port of the saxophone body with the instrument's locking screw. Same for a trumpet and so on.

Once your mobile device is in its case, secured to your polymer lyre, and connected to your instrument you simply use the power of your digital screen to your musical desires!

  • Use PDF sheet music to display your part on your screen
  • Use cloud storage apps in combination with sheet music apps to have a folio of music for a variety of instruments
  • Use a tuner to perfect your pitch; hands free of the device
  • Record your performances from a player's perspective
  • Use drill charts and related drill software

We envision many new emerging software possibilities coming to the marching band scene! Some ideas we have in development, but we know there will be many talented creators who will share great music making tools now that MobileLyre makes performing with your marching band instrument possible. 

We're not done with just these cases and just these lyres! We'll be introducing new cases and new instrument lyres as we develop! Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date!

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MobileLyre is patented.