Shipping, Returns, & Questions

Returns Policy

Item may be returned if your received the incorrect item for replacement or refund. For other returns, customer is responsible for return shipping and order will be refunded when return is received, minus any shipping charge if applicable. Products must be in original, unmodified condition. Refunds will be issued with payment process from original purchase. Please email us before ordering if you have any questions so we can help you get the correct info should you have any concerns. Helping musicians is our priority! 


Most orders will be shipped USPS depending on size and destination. Tracking numbers are always included on your order. Orders will go out at soon as possible and may be grouped together in one package if going to same customer and address.

For international orders, email us at and we will be happy to help! 

International customers are responsible for any Customs or VAT fees that are required from their home country. International orders are shipped USPS international by default.

European shipping option added. Flat rate up to 15oz. For bulk orders please email. We're happy to help, we just want to make sure to get the best shipping price possible


MobileLyre cases and lyres are warrantied for ninety (90) days from time of purchase. Warranty replacement is for original owner with proof of purchase. Warranty does not include metal ring of clarinet lyre.

Lyre fit

Extensive testing and performance has gone into making MobileLyre as accessible to every musician's instrument as possible. Seriously, we've test fit as many brands we could get our hands on and were pleased with what we found. That being said, there are always anomalies certain instruments or brands may have with any lyre. When needed, a longer instrument screw for the lyre slot helps secure the lyre, but that is often the case with traditional lyres as well. Your local instrument shop should be able to help you out! If you have questions feel free to reach out before purchasing:

Why don't you make a case for my phone or my instrument?

We get this question a lot, and let me promise you I do want to make a case for your phone and your instrument!!! As we grow, we continue to bring more cases and lyres to our customers for musicians to use. But we have had some savvy musicians try some things on their own. Because when you buy or product, it's yours. You use it as you see fit. We've had one customer use a saxophone lyre on their tuba! And we've had customers use the XS case for a Samsung S10. Another has used an 8+ case and carved out a camera opening for an XS Max! The creativeness and flexibility of our customers is awesome to see. Want to know if you think something might work in your situation? Ask away! See our Facebook page for examples:

Why does your website look dated?

Simple: We'd rather focus on creating great products for our customers then spending extra on a website with super flashy looks. Call us humble, or minimally html savvy, but if you're visiting our website you know exactly why you are here and what you need! We'll always take suggestions on how we can help showcase our products! Send us your pics using MobileLyre to share with other inquiring musicians!

Do you sell in stores or on large websites?

No. We're online on our site only at this time. This keeps overhead down and prices low. However we do partner with companies out of country to help facilitate speed and ease of access to international customers. We want to make MobileLyre as affordable as possible to musicians! 



Legal: All trademarks are property of their respective owners. We describe the brand for its intended clarification of which case it fits.